Tramadol is a drug that treats moderate to severe pain in adults. It may be a part of a therapy where you will have to take it with other sort of medications. It’s available in both immediate and extended release form. The basic difference is what the name suggests. Immediate release drugs are spread into the body right away whereas extended ones are spread over the body slowly as the time passes. It comes under controlled substance which means that you can use it with a doctor’s close supervision.

Tramadol belongs to the family of opioid agonists. These drugs are generally related to the treatment of similar conditions. In simple words, the drug affects your brain sense, changing the way that you sense or feel pain.

What are the side effects?

If you have been thinking to order tramadol 100mg or 50mg online then think again carefully as the drug carries some side effects also with it. Don’t indulge in any form of dangerous activity like driving, using heavy machinery, etc until you don’t know the side effects in detail.

The most common side effects of Tramadol are drowsiness, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, lack of energy, nausea and constipation. These are the side effects which should vanish in a matter of few days or weeks. But if they don’t seem to go away or turn more severe then you should consult with your doctor once

If you experience the serious side effect then immediately head to your doctor or call for medical emergency, if situation gets worse. The serious side effects include Serotonin Syndrome ( Symptoms :fast heart rate, higher body temperature, stronger reflexes, diarrhea, agitation, nausea, coma, etc), serious breathing issues (Symptoms: confusion, dizziness, slowed breathing rate, shallow breathing), withdrawal (Symptoms: runny nose, yawning, fast heart rate, fast breathing rate, sweating, chills, back pain, muscle aches, joint pain), androgen deficiency, seizures and addiction.

Note :

We are just one of the many online pharmacy websites that presents the information related to the drugs. Our guide may not include list of all the side effects as things vary from individual to individual, so always consult first with a doctor or healthcare professional.

Does Tramadol interact or mix up with other medications in any way?

Tramadol oral tablet has the properties of mixing up or interacting with other vitamins, medication, herbs that you maybe consuming. The interaction basically means when one drug hinders the properties of another drug, making it non working or harmful for the body.

To make sure you don’t end up with any interactions, it’s a must that the doctor manage all of your medications properly. Even if the therapy has to be performed, it has to be performed in such a way that it doesn’t hinder the working of any drug. Tell your doctor every drug, vitamin, supplement, etc that you consume as that will only help them guide you further.

How to take Tramadol?

It’s not about only buy tramadol 50mg online, it’s also about learning the proper way to take the medication. Take the medication as directed by the doctor. Follow all the prescribed instructions and don’t try to play with them in any manner. If the drug is taken continuously than the mentioned period, then it can easily become an addiction or habit forming.

With every medication, a medical guide comes, which you should look upon for proper dosage instructions and guidance. At times, people feel that even after following the prescribed instructions the medicine doesn’t seem to work. In such cases, don’t try to increase the dosage instead contact your doctor and consult with him/her.

The medications has various forms and instructions. Even if we present the average of all, it can lead to confusion. Just remember that the dosage will be different for each patient depending upon his/her severity, age, gender and various other similar factors.

Where to store the medication?

Keep the medication in room temperature, somewhere around the range of 15-30 C. Enclose it in a tight container away from moisture and sun light. Don’t take away the drug in places like bathroom. Lastly, keep it away from the reach of animals and children as it isn’t suited for them

Should I carry the medicine?

Whenever you head to travel outside, always keep your medications beside you, especially when you are on a plane. As mentioned to keep it aside you, have it ready anytime in your carry bag as you may have to follow certain instructions on time which you can’t deviate from using it.

Important Information :

Make sure you read the enclosed leaflet very carefully before you start taking it. If you are allergic to any of the medication ingredient, then consult with your doctor once. Also, if by any chance you experience dizziness, have a head injury, have kidney problems, have breathing issues, breast feeding, pregnant, etc then try to avoid the medication or you can consult once with the healthcare professional.

The medication is used for both short term and long term treatment depending upon how your condition is. If you don’t follow the prescribed instructions, you may land up with long term severe health issue. Keep in mind to not stop taking the drug immediately as then you may experience the withdrawal symptoms.

If you miss a dosage by mistake, then take it the next moment you get a thought of it. Try not to miss or mess up with the dosage schedule in any manner as that may stop the proper functioning of the drug. Also, note to not order tramadol online keep the medication in the car pockets as it can moisten it and cause it to dry up.