Buy Ambien Online to Restore Restful Sleep

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April 8, 2020
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Natural Ways to Treat Sleeping Problems
April 11, 2020
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Buy Ambien Online to restore restful sleep

In today’s time, many people are facing sleeping problems. There can be many causes of sleeping problems which may include increased stress, workload, etc. Insomnia or sleeping problem is a common problem nowadays. Ambien is an effective drug to help you get rid of sleeping problems so that you can get better rest.

Ambien or Zolpidem is a drug prescribed to treat insomnia or other sleeping problems such as midnight or early awakenings. It belongs to a class of medications called sedative-hypnotics. If you have difficulty in falling asleep, Ambien helps you sleep faster so that you can get better rest at night. It is a central nervous system(CNS) depressant. Ambien has various street names including no-go pills, a-minus or zombie-pills.

Various forms of Ambien

Ambien is available in two forms, which include quick-release shape and an extended-release form. A quick-release form helps in initiating sleep, and an extended-release form helps in maintaining the sleep. The tablets are available in 5mg and 10mg potencies.

Dosage and Administration

The dosage of Ambien is based on the age and gender of the patient and his response to the treatment. The initial doses prescribed for men and women are different. The effects of this medicine last longer in women. Therefore, they have prescribed a lower dosage as compared to men. You should take medicine on an empty stomach as prescribed by your doctor. Usually, the doctor prescribes a 5mg dose for women. However, men have prescribed either 5 or 10 mg. You should take medicine, once per night right before you get to bed. If the prescribed dose does not produce the desired

outcome, your doctor may increase the dose to 10mg. You should not exceed the total dose of 10 mg per night. Do not take the medicine with food or after having your meal as it may affect the working of the drug.

What is the treatment period with Ambien?

The treatment period with this medication is usually short and limited to 1 to 2 weeks or even less. If you take high doses of Ambien for longer than prescribed, you should consult your doctor. You are taking Ambien for a longer period than prescribed may cause dependence due to its habit-forming properties. If you suddenly stop taking the medication may lead to severe symptoms which may include shakiness, muscular cramps or aches, loss of coordination, pain in the stomach, headaches, and hallucinations. You must take Ambien as prescribed by your doctor.

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Ambien is not prescribed for children who are less than 18 years of age. Before taking this medicine make sure to inform your doctor if you have any medical conditions which may include any allergy to Ambien, kidney or liver disease, asthma or breathing problems, history of depression, alcohol addiction or sleep apnea. Ambien is the best medicine to help you restore restful sleep. I highly recommend buying this medicine to get rid of your sleeping problems. It has proved to be beneficial for many people.

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